 Welcome to Baan Kru Jay International Nursery !

In June 2016 we opened our brand new International Nursery and Pre-school!

Baan Kru Jay Active Learning Child Center!

We are currently enrolling 1-5 y.o.

We have both Thai and English speaking staff working every day looking after your child. 

We offer monthly, weekly, daily and rates more details about our schedule, activities or prices please contact anyone in our staff.

Baan Kru Jay (ALCC)

What does Active Learning Center mean?

  • engage in self-directed free-play, facilitated by teachers and parent helpers;
  • have ready access to and can explore the natural outdoor environment; and
  • extend their physical, emotional, and developmental boundaries while supported by a community that maintains a strong connection between home and school.
  • Fully Qualified and experienced staff working every day. We have both foreign and Thai staff. We have specialized English teachers working every day in the nursery to help with language development.
  • CCTV
  • Possibility to study extra, both Thai and English
  • After-care available every day of the week, Weekend care available.
  • Pick up and drop off available every day.
  • Big indoor space, separate rooms for playing, studying, sleeping and arts and crafts.
  • Big outdoor garden for outdoor play.
  • Air conditioned bedroom.
  • Air conditioned play room.

At ALCC we trust a child’s innate curiosity to be the springboard for learning. Within every activity there are opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, joy, and humor. Through play and engagement with others, children learn to identify their feelings, advocate for themselves, view problems from multiple perspectives, and resolve conflict.



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 Curriculum & philosophy

Children have their own preferred modes of learning. Some children respond best to visual cues, others to tactile experiences. We respect and teach to each child's strengths while providing the chance to experience the world in multiple ways.

Free play, the core of our program, offers children freedom of choice and control over their activities.

These experiences enhance self-esteem and children's growing need to become independent learners. Experiential learning helps children recognize and articulate both what theyknow and how theyfeel.

In addition to free play, our curriculum includes various activities -- such as circle time, reading time, and special activities -- which add structure to the day and provide a more guided learning experience.

Regular school hours, Mon-Fri: 07.30 -18.30.


Baan Kru Jay nursery provide a well-balanced diet compatible with children’s needs, using high- quality, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients


We aim to make children aware of the link between healthy eating and daily exercise.

Therefore we offer a wide range of toys and equipment for exercise with encourages physical movement, both indoors and outdoors, integrated into the normal daily routine.

All our equipment is designed with children's special needs in mind. All equipment is safe and our international staff monitors all play.

Joy of learning

We offer a wide selection of international material for learning. Everything from simple picture books to advanced games designed to stimulate high-level logical thinking. In our care your child will never lack stimulation for the body or mind.

Baan Kru Jay also offers classes teaching how to work with computers, dance, drama, music and art.

Our classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with the latest in teaching aids.

 Typical daily routine

07.30-08.30            Nursery Opens

08.30-09.00            Morning assembly

09.00-09.20            Nursery Rhymes/Circle Time

09.20-09.35            Morning Break

09.35-11.15            Art and crafts, Cartoons in english, Music

11.15-11.50            Lunch Break

11.50-13.20            Nap/Active Learning/Free Play Outdoor

13.20-14.10            Active Learning activities

14.10-14.25            Afternoon Break

14.25-15.45            Active Learning Activities Outdoors

15.45-16.30            Home room

16.30-18.30            After hours care

We are committed to supporting families by providing a place where children can safely expand their boundaries from home to the outside world.

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 How to find us

Baan Kru Jay, ALCC

Baan Kru Jay, Wirathongyok Road 63/782-783
Wichit subdistric, Muang district, Phuket 83000

In Phuket town, on the same road as the weekend night market, from the main road turn left at Supercheap 24 Hours and then continue 300m and the school is on your left hand side.

Tel: 076684004, Kru Jay: 0899082436
LINE: @baankrujay

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